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Howto Trade EGOSYS-RECORDS Tokens

Nice And Smart Eductional Example of Smart City ECO token This tutorial will help you set up your Waves wallet if you are new to the Waves Platform and later on trade. EGOSYS-RECORDS wants to use this video example for eductional purposes to trade our token value. For more information : Contact us Blockchain Holistic Advisory […]

New Economic Movement

NEM Foundation has signed a MoU with CISPREN, a local trade union of journalists in Argentina to develop a blockchain based solution for copyright protection. They hope to solve the problems of content theft and failure in paying royalties. The Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Singapore with members across the globe. The Foundation […]

Airdrop EGOSYS-RECORDS Registered Token Platform

This page is a crypto airdrop an initial coin offering (ICO) company. Waves is the fastest blockchain platform with real-world solutions for end users, businesses and developers, whether they need to store or exchange tokens, trade swiftly and securely (DEX) or run fraud-proof business logic (Waves smart contracts). Waves is airdropping EGOSYS-RECORDS tokens to new Waves wallet members. […]

Oh When The Saints Go Marching In

Download the Musicoin App Release.Co JP : Feel free to Listen My Music Wherever you are fit. License by EGOSYS-RECORDS Title: Oh When The Saints Go Marching In Musicoin : –SFHEPVdG5qs7AbuP6iviAz4zNd1ZoKnqr9ADVEdtqfgIU Choon : Our Blog on our Website : Twitter : Steemit Details for Donations: Thank you so much for your […]

The Saint

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