View Our Token on the Blockchain Released on 12/01/2018 

1 Part.

Token Generation and Distribution
Multiple Token ID Security Protocol
Security Marketing Designed tools
Blockchain PayGateways Development
Decentralized Exchange
KYC = Know Your Customer
2 Part.
Legalisation and Tax Law structure via Deloitte Platforms
and other constructed of market-ready products and solutions,
Financial Management and Accounting
ICO Controling

Crowdsale in Escrow in Option

Joining Legal Framework
Smart Contracts Market
Undisputed Reputation
Future Sound Artwork Project ICO
White Paper


Connect to blockchain and reshape your business model.

Our medium is designed for individuals, partners, and organizations that want to be part of revolutionary blockchain innovations.

Are you a consultant, IT professional, digital strategist, or executive with influence on company’s future?
Business Invest or Be part of re-shaping business models across various industries.

This Technology can be integrated into your business not only as an internal currency,  but also as a token for decentralised voting, as a rating system, or loyalty program.


Project Technical Assistance Contract Submission ID  : Goossens Erwin – Stationsstraat 47  – 3680 Maaseik – Belgium