Online Music Distribution Service Platform Bitrophone
Utilizes Cryptocurrency $WAVES

Slow transactions in music industry between artists and their labels

Low earning rate for musicians/high fees

Release of music takes

Too much time in free services & even in paid ones

Expensive distribution services

Copyright issues while covering songs

Improving the marketing for Waves community & market liquidity

An awesome use case, music industry is big 🙂

Musician buys subscription using $WAVES

Musician gets rights to upload song & audios & artwork.

Uploaded song & audios & artwork conversion for highest quality.

Bitrophone delivers uploaded content to music stores such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Youtube, Google Play Music etc.

Stores verify and check for any copyright issues.

Bitrophone buys $WAVES with %20 of the profit made from subscribed users paid without $WAVES.

We aim to be biggest music distribution service that utilizes blockchain & accepts cryptocurrency for payment & private payments.

Bitrophone will be an app website works with utilizes $WAVES as one of the main currencies. It will be user friendly, easy to buy, easy to withdraw artist revenues with possible lowest fees, even with cryptocurrencies. Also service users and musicians of community gets promoted by our curators in our website & blogs, that means free marketing for customers. .

Why smart contracts and DLT?
Payments in crypto, lower fee while artists earn money through banks between different countries & payments without stores delays

New features or MVP description
Cloud for artists music, auto payment script for royalties with cryptocurrency

Go to market strategy
Easy to access, easy to use, make artists work easier and it is already better than other labels

Rewards for project supporters
Free Coupon / Referrals for first release.

Your name will be in our hearts. <3

Current stage of the project
Waves Keeper Bitrophone


Due to lack of sources we couldn’t enable/create some features.

We will implement Waves Keeper to our website in this phase.

Deployable explorer customizable for any token. Just add your assetID and you are ready to go

Add Token MyWish API

Nolik instant messenger protocol

Waves Blockchain
Open blockchain platform and development toolset for Web 3.0 applications and decentralized solutions

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Connect to Bockchain and Reshape Your Business Model.

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