Synthesizer Moog Werkstatt-01


Moog Werkstatt-01

The Moog Wekstatt-01 is a built-it yourself, synthesizer that lets you make an analog monophonic synthesizer. If you have no electronics experience, don't worry, this kit is completely solder free, and has been developed to be as easy to build as possible. The Wekstatt-01 was originally made for a project for Moog's own MoogFest '14, but due to a high demand, Moog has released it for the public.

Wekstatt-01 has two selectable modulation sources; a dual waveshape LFO with 0.2Hz-600Hz sweepable range, and a variable attack/decay envelope section with sustain on/off switch. Modulation sources are easily assigned via dedicated VCO and VCF modulation sections, each with a variable control for modulation amount.

Also included in each Wekstatt-01 is a breadboard-style patchable header, which significantly expands it's creative sonic abilities. This patchable header features a dedicated external audio input, and control voltage inputs for VCO linear FM, VCO exponential FM, VCF, VCA, and LFO. CV outputs are in pairs, and include dual outputs for Keyboard CV, EG, LFO, VCF, VCO, Gate, and Trigger.

Features :

Easy to build with its snap-together design (no soldering required)
Has Moogs 4-pole ladder filter
Wide-ranging oscillator pitch, from 8Hz to 16kHz
Filter effects with modulation via envelope or LFO
Oscillator can follow the envelope or can be set to drone
Ready to play with a built-in 13-note button keyboard

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De Werkstatt-01: Moogfest Kit is een compacte en patchbare 1-oscillator analoge synthesizer. Deze synth werd eigenlijk ontworpen voor de exclusieve synthbouw-workshops op Moogfest. Door de grote vraag naar de synth biedt Moog nu deze soldeervrije versie aan.
Compacte maar krachtige synth

Montage is heel simpel: iedere gebruiker kan vrij snel een analoge synthesizer ‘bouwen’ die gebaseerd is op klassieke Moog-circuits en desgewenst ook aanpassen. De Werkstatt werd gemaakt om te dienen als studiemateriaal maar is tegelijkertijd een zeer krachtige, compacte analoge synthesizer van Moog. Ontworpen en gefabriceerd in de Verenigde Staten.