Online Marketing Campagne

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The Internet has created a seismic shift in the music industry. Traditional physical marketing outlets, while still important, have been augmented with a variety of online-based marketing, sales, and distribution outlets, all of which require their own specific marketing approaches and strategies.

Once you have your own site in order, we look at ways to optimize your visibility and acquire new fans using social media and third-party sites like Twitter, Facebook,, YouTube, Wikipedia, and more. We’ll talk about the best methods for generating demand, look at successful artists and what they are doing to build their community online, and explore other organic (as opposed to paid) marketing opportunities online. Once we’ve discussed the ways to build up your community on third party sites, we’ll consider effective pricing and product techniques designed to reward your most enthusiastic fans, while helping to generate a higher net margin for you as an artist.

To help expand your marketing and sales outreach, we’ll discuss pricing details and options for third-party distribution and sales partners (such as iTunes, Amazon, Tunecore, CD Baby, and others), as well as artist-service-based partners (Reverbnation, Topspin, Nimbit, Bandcamp, and others). The final lesson in the course presents options for integrating all of these online concepts into your offline activities (such as touring, selling merch, traditional retail options, and press) to enable a fully integrated marketing campaign, one that is timed to generate as much interest (and sales) as possible!

By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered the art of online music marketing, and have a fully timed, integrated, and optimized marketing plan that you can use to build up your digital touch points, generate interest in your music, and sell your music online.

Develop a well-rounded approach to marketing and selling your music online
Utilize the power of social media outlets to build your fan base
Gain a broad overview of all the marketing segments available to musicians, with a particular focus on online-related initiatives
Learn traditional and nontraditional pricing and marketing strategies
Gain an in-depth understanding on the use of widgets, the importance of Web optimization, best practices for e-mail, and more
Develop a solid foundation in effective messaging, branding, and communication
Understand how to properly use analytics to identify your niche and target your audience
Create a timeline and a finalized marketing plan for your music release